About Me-Tattoos By Tammie

My interest in tattooing was born out of thin air even though I had always been interested in and involved in art. My guidance counselor had told me in High School that I couldn't make a living by drawing, so I never tried to. I went into the business field and took jobs related mostly to secretarial work. I did have a couple jobs in the Art Department of printing companies.   I pretty much hated it and coped by doodling at just about every job that I had (a sorry to my old bosses).When I was 22 I got my first little tattoo and got two more over the next 5yrs and somehow the thought of me tattooing never crossed my mind.     In 2001 I was office managing for a Doctor's office....I was miserable and was racking my brain about what I was going to do for the rest of my life.....when it hit me.   I could tattoo.   From the instant I thought it... I knew it was right and I set out on the road to finding someone who would teach me...paid for an apprenticeship and learned as much as I could and ultimately got a job in a shop.    
My advice to those wanting a tattoo....First know what you want.   Don't leave it up to someone else to decide what you'll wear for the rest of your life and second DONT PRICE SHOP! You get what you pay for. Good tattoos are'nt cheap, cheap tattoos are'nt good.   Reputable talented artists are'nt out to rip you off,   they just put the appropriate value on their time and talent.   Why would someone pay $100 on a pair of shoes that will only last months, but skimp on something that they will have forever.

I am:

CPR, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen Certified

Anatomy and Physiology for Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers

Also an attendee of several learning seminars held by prominent artists in the tattoo industry